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August 2022

Vicky received a 3-year NSF grant on "Learning science concepts through metaphor comprehension, production, and conversation: Behavioral, neural and artificial intelligence measures". 


July 2022

Matt and Vicky received NSF grant on "Effects of context on emotional word processing in healthy younger and older adults" for Matt's dissertation. Congratulations, Matt! 

Matt will present posters on "prediction of negative features of words in sentences in younger adults" at the virtual 28th Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Conference (AMLaP) and the 14th SNL (Society for the Neurobiology of Language) meeting in Philadelphia, PA.


April 2022

Valeria successfully defended her dissertation "Reducing Negative Emotion with Verbal Irony: Insights from Behavior and Event-Related Potentials". Congratulations, Dr. Pfeifer!

Anna and Vicky's work in collaboration with Monique Flecken (faculty at University of Amsterdam) "Minding the Manner: Attention to Motion Events in Turkish-Dutch Early Bilinguals" has been accepted for publication at Language & Cognition. Congrats & well done!


March 2022

Valeria is the Psychology Department's recipient of the College of Science Graduate Student award in the category Service. Congrats! (Update: Valeria is the college-level recipient across departments for her service. Many many congrats!)


February 2022

We will be presenting two posters at HSP 2022 (Conference on Human Sentence Processing). Matt will present "Changes in the affective representation of a word in younger and older adults" and Valeria will present "Irony as a form of Emotion Regulation – Evidence from Behavior and ERPs".

We will also present two short talks at ELM2 (Experiments in Linguistic Meaning). Matt will talk about affective representations cued by words in context in younger and older adults, and Valeria will talk about how irony regulates negative emotion in speakers and listeners.

Katya will present "The effects of metaphoric instruction on neural representations of scientific concepts" at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS). YAY!


January 2022

Matt, John, and Vicky's work "Attention and regulation during emotional word comprehension in older adults: Evidence from event-related potentials and brain oscillations" has been accepted for publication at Brain & Language! Congrats everyone!


December 2021

Stanley, Valeria, and Vicky's work: "Cursed Concepts: New insights on combinatorial processing from ERP correlates of swearing in context" has been accepted for publication at Brain & Language! Well done everyone!

Anna successfully defended her dissertation "The Influence of Language Background on Mental Representations of Events". Congratulations, Dr. Kamenetski!


November 2021

Anna won the 2021/2022 Outstanding Research in Cognitive Science Award. She and her research would have represented the Cognitive Science Program during the GIDP (Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs) Graduate Student Showcase, were it not for the unfortunate Covid surge in our area. Congrats, Anna!

Stanley successfully defended his dissertation "Expressives:  At the interface of language and cognition". Congrats, Dr. Donahoo!

Anna received the postdoctoral offer from the AcqVA Aurora Center for Multilingualism at the Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø). She will join their Theme 2: MultiLingual Minds and Crosslinguistic Influence, starting in January 2022. Congrats, Anna!


October 2021

We participated in the Psychology Department's Halloween event and won the "Most Creative Lab" prize! Yay lab members!


September 2021

Emma, Vicky and Valeria's work "Do all facial emojis communicate emotion? The impact of facial emojis on perceived sender emotion and text processing" has been accepted for publication at Computers in Human Behavior! Hooray!


August 2021

Katie, Valeria, Grit, and Vicky's work on "Social acquisition context matters: Increased neural responses for native but not non-native taboo words" was accepted for publication at Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience! Amazing job, Katie!

We will be presenting two posters at the Annual Psychonomic Society Meeting. Anna will present: "Better Memory for Complete Events in Russian: An Effect of Obligatory Aspect Marking." Valeria will present: "What Irony Reveals about a Speaker’s Mental State: Impact of Timing and Context Emotion"

Li-Chuan (Matt) will be presenting "Changes in the affective representation of words in emotional contexts" at this year's SNL (Society for the Neurobiology of Language) meeting as slide slams.

Laura has joined the lab as a PhD student in Psychology! Welcome Laura!

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